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What’s this ratty old car doing on my website? This car was for sale for 8 months, and not selling. It was a special edition Ford Probe GT Wild Orchid, and a rare car, in need of restoration. The photos taken by the owner by a low end camera weren’t doing the trick. Three days after posting the new photos Axel took of the vehicle – treating it as a new vehicle in terms of photographic perspective – the vehicle was sold at a full $500 more than last listed for.

A Great Photograph Sells Cars, Boats, Motorcycles

Don’t sell your vehicle short. Great images sell cars, classic cars, airplanes, boats, RVs, motorcycles, and any other form of transportation fast.

We can also film your vehicle using cinematic quality cameras from ground and air.

One of our most important transportation images is your beautiful classic or antique car. We photograph it in beautiful weather, with the right lighting, and the right angle.


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