Portraiture as Fashion – September 7, 2016

Portraiture as fashion - Planning your images, styling, and location are trademark moves of the fashion and cinematography industry, and FilmIdol.comLet’s talk about portraiture as fashion photography. Sure, we do a lot of informal, on location photography, mainly because it fits most people’s budgets. Anyone with a camera can do these types of shots (though, you might look for our article about why our high end equipment does a better job than those photographers using consumer cameras and lenses).
Our favorite type of work is that which we look at what you want to achieve, and build a story or some sort of theme around it. This is how fashion photography happens. We scout for a location, we work with a clothing designer and makeup artist to put together the look, we talk about color, focus, exposure, and all kinds of elements of the photograph, until we have a vision for where we want the fashion shot to be, and we put it on a story board with the other shots we plan to make.
This is also how we like to do our high end portrait line of images. By sitting down with you beforehand and building an image, we know where we want to go, what it will generally look like, and what the final should be. It is a little more expensive, and sometimes work can be done by either the photographer or family of the subject, to bring together the needed elements.
Many of our shots can be quite elaborate, but here’s an example of a portrait in our $495 to $695 range. It didn’t take too long to shoot the actual image, but the planning and post processing is what makes the image really special. If you want your image to stand out, talk to us about our fashion-idol work. ~ Axel