Senior Made Simple – And Cheaper

Here it is! Days until your senior portrait deadline is here. You have a choice to make. Do you want to look like a film idol, or the class clown?Your senior portrait can look like a class clown or a film idol

As Class Clown, your student ID picture will be used. Maybe you showed up that day and didn’t realize it was student picture day. You were dressed like a slob, your hair a mess, and look a little like a deer caught in the headlights. For decades to come, everyone will remember you by your class clown picture in the student yearbook. You’ll go to a class reunion, and on your nametag will be your class clown picture from the yearbook. Don’t be the class clown.

Senior portrait and graduation photos and photographyAs Film Idol, you took the time to work with an experienced, professional photographer who used to work for a movie studio. He knows how to light you, how to pose you for maximum glamor and film idol-ness. Your picture is stunning, timeless, and everyone will forever remember you as that film idol in the school yearbook.

Click here to schedule your session, choose , and be sure to add “SNAG50” in the comment section. We will call you after your booking. Or call us at (541) 390-0811.


Good News for Seniors.

There is great news. Even though the yearbook picture deadline is less than a month away, we’ve cleared our calendar of non-essential shoots to make way for senior portraits. AND we’ve knocked $50 off our seSenior portrait and graduation photos and photographynior portrait price of $295, so now your cost is just $245 if you grab your session at our scheduling site: We have a limited number of slots left, and they will get all used up as the deadline approaches. We can
only guarantee hitting the Nov 1 deadline IF we get your session completed by October 25! You must use promo code “SNAG50” in the comment section of the booking! We will get back to you to discuss details before the shoot.

Click here to schedule your session, be sure to add “SNAG50” in the comment section. We will call you after your booking. Or call us at (541) 390-0811.


Comments About Working With Axel

Axel is our lead photographer, and people LOVE working with him. Here are some comments from a service we use:

“Axel was so easy to work with. My kids loved the photo shoot. He made it fun and exciting, and made my son feel like a film idol.”
~ Alyssa M., Redmond

“We had so much fun. My daughter didn’t want to do the photo shoot because she is so self conscious. Axel made her at ease, and the images were absolutely beautiful.”
~ Melissa K., Bend

“Scheduling was so easy using Film Idol’s booking system ( When Axel called us back to prepare us for the shoot, I could tell how much he loves what he is doing, and we were perfectly prepared for what to expect.”
~ Michelle R., Prineville

“The best. Gorgeous results!”
~ John G., Bend

“We used another photographer in the past, but took advantage of Film Idol’s summer special. There was a whole world of difference between Axels photographic eye and equipment, his direction of the session, and the old photographer we used. We enjoyed her too, but she used cheaper equipment, and didn’t really know how to direct us to get the best shots. Definitely a great value for the money when using Film Idol.”
Kate M., Bend

“Our daughters senior portrait was so beautiful that we scheduled a family portrait session for the holidays. This will be our new family tradition. I expect to have as much fun with this shoot as we did with our daughter’s senior portrait.”
Willey L., Sisters

We were very happy with the results of our photo session. Our daughter did not like he clothes (dress) we wanted her to wear for a formal portrait, but Axel used the environment to make it look gorgeous. In the end, our daughter loved it too.”
~ Maria S., Madras

Click here to schedule your session, be sure to add “SNAG50” in the comment section. We will call you after your booking. Or call us at (541) 390-0811.