Portraiture, including family, senior portraits, maternity, and even pets, is a specialty of Michael Axel at FilmIdol.com

Family Special

Portraiture, including family, senior portraits, maternity, and even pets, is a specialty of Michael Axel at FilmIdol.comWhen the leaves begin to turn color and fall upon the High Desert of , it is a sign that you better hurry up and get your yearly family portrait scheduled! For one, it is nice to have foliage on trees in the background, and for another, the weather is still good, meaning we don’t have to deal with rain or snow.

Until October 30, 2016, you will pay only $245 for your one hour session with Axel! (Normally, our session is $695, meaning you will save 65% off your session) We have made setting up your family portrait and senior portrait session easy for you with just a few steps…

  1. Use promo code “LEAF16” to get a family portrait session with master photographer, Michael Axel, and have your session scheduled by October 30th, 2016! (We realize there is one more day in the month, but we’re not going to be available on Halloween 😉
  2. Jump over to our scheduling page and set up your appointment date and time: http://filmidol.genbook.com and be sure to include the promo code “LEAF16” in the comment section. This is the only way you will get the discount.
  3. We will call you to confirm your appointment, talk about the location, clothing, number and type of people in your photo, and other details!
  4. Payment is due at the time of your family portrait session in order to use this promotion.

Axel with his photo assistant, CalvinWhy use FilmIdol.com for your portrait needs? We thought it was a good time to remind you of why FilmIdol.com and Michael Axel are the perfect solution for your portrait needs…

  1. Axel is a master photographer, author of several books on the subject, and featured lecturer and speaker about photography, portraiture, and post-processing. His work has also been exhibited at a major national art museum.
  2. Axel brings 50 years of photographic experience to his work, including time as a photojournalist for a major news service, work with a Hollywood studio as a promotion photographer – bringing elements of to his work.
  3. Axel uses the highest quality cameras and lenses, yielding exceptional starting points for his master post-processing of images. By comparison, almost all other photographers are using amateur, consumer cameras and lenses, devoid of dynamic range, professional, cinematic tonal range, sharpness, and clarity. (You can read about the FilmIdol.com difference, here: http://www.filmidol.com/film-idol-difference/)
  4. Most importantly, Axel is truly an artist (painting, photography, and sculpture), and knows how to make your portrait look like a classic image with meaning and intention, rather than plopping down the family and snapping the picture. Axel is not only personable, but fun! He is very focused during his sessions, and knows what he wants to accomplish. He directs the scene like a master, making everyone at ease and comfortable.

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