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One of the most important things we do at is rescue old photographs. Very early photographic prints and negatives are reachiing the end of their useful life. The images fade, negatives rot, prints tear, silver images fade away, rips and folds take their toll, and paper can be infested with bugs, mildew and rot.

The process of restoring an image is not easy or fast, but it is important, both to preserve history and to ensure your treasured family images are around for generations to come.

Our goal is to end up with a high quality restored digital and print copy of the photograph you bring us.

It starts with a detailed analysis and game plan for how to proceed to fix the print or negative, usually involving high quality, high resolution scanning, to ensure that the image is captured the moment we receive it. From the scan, we begin working on fixing and covering up tears, adding bits of the image that may be missing, fixing flaws in the image.

Finally we normalize the image, making sure edges are sharp, tones are evened out, and eventually toning the image to give it the old fashioned flavor it should have.

Original Old Image 1 as received by in Redmond, Oregon Color Corrected Image 1 as received by in Redmond, Oregon




The image of a boy at a train station is both historic and precious. We were asked
to add color to the image to give it a flavor of what it might have looked like back
in the day. These are difficult scenes to apply color and it works best on straight
portraits of the subject.


Deterioration and correction of image

Here are some of the areas we look for when restoring images. Marks on the
original print emulsion, cracks, tears, and missing pieces, are all added back
to a new version of the photograph.

Girl before and after

Images like this are difficult to work with, but a good rendition can be
brought out, with enough time and effort. The initial analysis should
include what various missing pieces might look like, such as the cheek
and teeth, and even the hair style.

George and Horse before and after restoration at

This image suffered from a very bad base (paper). It had a lot of staining
and foxing, and the image was fading. When the image fades, it is difficult
to determine what some details look like. Our PhotoShop artists must
go so far as to “paint” in details, such as the muscle structure of the horse,
or the way the shirt crumples. As a result of this restoration, it is now on
a stable surface (new, archival paper) and in digital form that can be
shared by the entire family with their own copy.

Photograph Restoration Pricing

Pricing is per hour at $45. With most images, we can make substantial progress in just an hour. Others take much more time, seldom more than 3 hours, unless we are coloring an image, or if the image includes very detailed subject matter, like forests, trees, etc.. For a best-estimate, it is a good idea to snap a pic of your photo, give us the dimensions, and send it to “info” at this site’s domain name. Be sure to include your phone number and email address. We will send you a better estimate of pricing to create your new photograph, both electronically and in printed form.

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