Product, catalog, commercial and industrial photography by Michael Axel at

Commercial, and catalog photography is the bread and butter of our business. Our high resolution cameras and lenses, combined with superb lighting and technique, result in the perfect image for your catalog, advertisement, brochure, or to proudly display in a large poster or print on your wall.

We can work with very small and very large products, and our experts can adjust and manipulate your image to fit your image. Whether you have a one off on-location product shot, a “drop out” (such as a product on a white background), or a highlighter (your product in color with a gray’d out scene behind it), we can give you the result you desire.

Contact us at (541) 390-0811 to talk about your vision.

Product, catalog, commercial and industrial photography by Michael Axel at

Using “drop outs” like this image of a chair, is a great way to highlight
just the product you are illustrating, and an easy, consistent way of
displaying products in a catalog.

Product photography with gray out background by Michael Axel at

A “gray out” is a good way of displaying complex products with a
complex background, making your product “pop” but also
giving a reference to the means in which it is used, and the
scale of the product.

Product development photography - modification of color palette by Michael Axel at

Our experts in PhotoShop can help you develop variations of products,
such as the above lineup of chairs. We photographed a single
chair, then worked in PhotoShop to adjust colors,
while a designer from the firm sat next to us and we developed
an entire palette of chairs. These designs were taken to the
leather manufacturer to match the colors.

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